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Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ..


I am very much pleased to wish you and evoke God's blessings on you all in the name of Infant Jesus with whose patronage the diocese is blessed and witness to the values shown and lived by Jesus Christ.

The coming years are going to be the important years as we have the call to build a cathedral with the people! Building with the people is the planned measure and the providence of God, I believe will take us in the right direction and assist us to achieve what God wants us to do. We will pray. Pray with me that what we have planned will be carried out and that will bring Glory to God and blessings to all of us!

We will stand together, roll up our sleeves and work with other partners to build the Cathedral with confidence and faith. The whole diocese will work together for smoother and speedy implementation of the proposed project. Working together we can achieve more on a scale and scope than we could ever achieve alone.

We will give generously. We are already organizing at various levels not only to mobilize resources for building the Cathedral, but also to stand together in prayer to respond to all the unmet needs of the church.

We will stay until the work is done. One of our strengths as Catholics is our practice of sustained response to any initiative that is done with goodwill and for the common good.

We will witness to our living faith in Christ Jesus as we join together to do God's work with our human hands.

I earnestly wish all of you all the blessings of God the Almighty and pray fervently that He may be glorified by the efforts that we take as a simple instrument in His hands!

Yours devotedly in Christ Jesus

Most. Rev. Dr. S. Singaroyan

Bishop of Salem

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